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The Truth Behind the End

The Truth Behind the End

Truth is…

The end is the behind.

Hahaha I’m just kidding.

But seriously, you’ve all heard of the phrase “Each end is a new beginning.”

I just wanted to dig deeper into it, seeing that I am about to finish a book myself.

Let’s just see where it leads me to.

I always believed in that. There is no end, no finish, no el fin. But if you look in the other mirror, there is no beginning either. Yes,…

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Simple Yet Filling- Power of Food

Simple Yet Filling- Power of Food

Walking home from school- starving like crazy, and I open the fridge to see a welcoming (not) shiny green apple.

This apple aint gonna do nothing for my stomach. At all.

Ya feel?

What is it that I want? Not so big because I’m going to have dinner soon, but not so small as an apple because if I had to eat an apple, I would probably eat more like 10. Which is not so good.

I feel this way about my…

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Let it go

So I’ve been feeling not so happy- not so myself lately, therefore I am going to cheer myself up and of course, in the process of doing so, going to make you chickeneers, crow with happiness. :)

Because I love y’all~

As some of you might know, The Grapes of Wrath is not so much a comical or romantic novel, more depressing than anything. But somehow, a point in the book made me crack up. Possible…

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What is Life

Every fifteen minutes, a teenager dies from a car accident due to drunk driving.

Every 4 seconds, a baby is born.

Every 40 seconds, someone commits suicide.

The chances of dying of old age are slim, yet the people choose to decrease that chance by harming themselves. Putting their life into danger, into a thin rope, balancing, about to fall into the never ending darkness- what is often called…

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Trying to Survive the Market

Trying to Survive the Market

As I’ve been reading the Grapes of Wrath, I noticed that I have started to grow a little fond of the book. The story is quite slow, but it isn’t too bad after all. On a nice Thursday morning, my teacher assigned the class what’s called the 1-pager.

It’s basically a summary of a chapter, the book, or a scene, with illustrations, quotes, and a phrase to show the readers what or why you feel is…

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Aglio Et Olio

A true chef knows that the simpler the pasta, the harder it is to make. Pastas such as Aglio Et Olio and Vongole are essentially considered “nude”, every layer of coating peeled away to show its true flavor. They are not to be considered easy, for a small mistake can be known just by the look or taste. Why is it so- they don’t have the strong flavors of tomato sauce or cream to coat the pasta,…

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3/5 Quote of the Day

3/5 Quote of the Day

Good day, good times, good life~


I am DEFINITELY that kind of person, thought I would replace bacon with ice cream~

Or maybe even boba :3


-Raining Chocolate

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Dust Bowl for Breakfast

Dust Bowl for Breakfast

Anyone not a breakfast person?


Hahaha well that isn’t really something I should be proud of, considering breakfast should be the biggest meal of the day. But hey, what can I say, my stomach is a muscle. And muscles stretch well when worked out.

Anyways, so here I was, starting off the second semester of junior year, reading a classic about the life during the dust bowl.

Did you  guess the…

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3/2 Quote of the Day

3/2 Quote of the Day

Hello! Good day~


Haha just a little reminder- living your life is great but spending time with you family is sweeter~~~


I’m doing just that at the moment~

te he he~

-Raining Chocolate

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Fill My Hunger

Fill My Hunger

12 O’Clock, sitting in front of my computer, my eyes can’t stop turning towards the kitchen, my stomach begging me for something to eat. The angel on my right side reminded me of my weight, that each kg lost is 1/2 a foot closer to my goal jump. The devil on my left was telling me of the satisfaction that I will get when I fill my stomach with the goodies.

photo (1)


Hungry, but it’s too late,…

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